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Aquamarine Ring Brisbane:  Be Enamored By The Sea

One of our favourite gemstones is the calming blue Aquamarine. Derived from the Latin aqua marinus, which means “water of the sea”, its first documented discovery took place in 1723 in the Adun-Chalon mountains in Siberia, however it’s been traced back in time to the Romans and Medieval Times. After spreading around the world, it has become one of the most recognizable gemstones. It belongs to the beryl family of minerals, which also includes emeralds, and typically has very little inclusions. Aquamarine’s colours range from pale blue, which are more popular and affordable, to dark green and deep blue hues which are rarer.

We enjoy using Aquamarine for its versatility and the beautiful accent it brings to all items of jewellery. It’s hardness, excellent transparency and clarity all make it an outstanding gem for all jewellery from earrings and pendants through to some of our stunning ring designs.. Aquamarine is also more common in larger carat weights compared to other precious stones such as diamonds, meaning it’s much easier to cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.


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Who Finds Aquamarine Most Alluring?

If you are one of the lucky people who are born in March, Aquamarine is your birthstone! It’s also associated with youth, health, hope and love. Aquamarine used to be referred to as the “Sailor’s Stone”, because ancient sailors believed it would protect them on long voyages so it may be a way to express your deep connection to the ocean.

Popular figures of the British Royal family have also been enamoured with Aquamarine gems, most notably Queen Elizabeth II. In 1953, she received a necklace and set of earrings from Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas as a coronation gift. A few years later in 1957, the Queen commissioned a Tiara from Garrad that featured an elaborate diamond and aquamarine bandeau base, with three aquamarine and diamond elements placed at intervals.

The most recent Aquamarine ring to capture our attention has been Megan Markle’s Aquamarine ring, which was given to her by Prince Harry as a gift on their wedding day. It’s especially precious as it originally belonged to Princess Diana, who often wore it to glamorous occasions. 

Styling An Aquamarine Ring

When it comes to styling an Aquamarine ring, the sky’s the limit. Our personal favourite styles pair an Aquamarine gem as a centerpiece and surround it with a halo of bright white diamonds. Paired with White Gold evokes elegance but Rose Gold or Yellow Gold are also stunning combinations to finish. Aquamarine can be cut in many different ways thanks to its many facets that highlight natural brilliance – round and pear cuts are more modern while an emerald cut Aquamarine is more traditional. If you already have something in mind, or can’t find a design you adore, we also offer Custom Design.

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