Sapphires are some of the world’s oldest gemstones: every gemstone is billions of years old. Born in the aftermath of wild volcanic eruptions, these mesmerising treasures were unearthed from the deep core of New England Fields in Northern New South Wales and gently undulating low hills in Central Queensland.

Australia is enriched with amazing beauty. Our Sapphire Dreams Collection pays tribute to the beauty of Australian sapphires, ethically sourced from the New South Wales and Queensland fields. Australian sapphires come in a variety of colours and due to their unique colour banding, every sapphire has a unique portrayal of colour.

Here are some quick facts about AUSTRALIAN sapphire:

  • Australian Sapphires are known for their healing properties
  • One of the worlds oldest gemstones
  • It’s the birthstone for September and Taurus
  • Symbolizes loyalty and devotion
  • Born from a volcanic environment


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