Amethyst is the most precious gem from the quartz family. With beautiful light violet to deep purple colouring, amethyst is classy, elegant and eye-catching. Amethyst jewellery looks particularly stunning in a white gold setting, because this really brings out the purple shade.

In medieval times, amethyst was thought to provide healing, protection and a sense of calm, so it was often worn by medieval soldiers. Amethyst is also thought to have been the favourite of St. Valentine, a Roman Saint born in 226 AD, and Leonardo da Vinci, a famous painter and inventor who was born in 1452.

These days, amethyst is thought to symbolise balance, peace and patience. Some people believe that the stone has a calming and meditative effect on the wearer.

Here are some quick facts about amethyst:

  • Birthstone for February
  • Colours range from purple and violet to pale red-violet, with green being produced through heat treatment
  • Grows in a ‘geode’, inside a rock formation, and when in this state you can see the colour varying through the stone
  • Easily scratched so should be kept separate from other stones – will last for a long time with proper care though
  • Thought to be helpful for headaches, pancreatic disorders, backaches and alcoholism

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