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Our beautiful selection of diamond jewellery includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and we specialise in diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. We have diamond graders, jewellery designers and a workshop on-site as well as a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. Our expert jewellers can design and custom-create an exclusive piece to suit your style at an affordable price.

What makes diamonds so special?

Believe it or not, diamonds are a rare commodity – when you consider that diamonds have been mined since approximately 1000 BC, and since then only 350 tonnes of diamonds have been mined! Only a small percentage of these mined diamonds are actually suitable for jewellery, and most diamonds that are found are the size of a crumb, which is why large diamonds are so highly prized.

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Diamonds – the ultimate symbol of love

Diamonds have been revered throughout history. At first, this was due to their religious significance (they were thought to be tears of the gods), but these days it’s because they are considered to be the ultimate symbol of everlasting love.

Diamonds are the perfect embodiment of the special relationship between two people – they are rare, strong, pure and everlasting. 

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What is a Diamond?

A diamond is a precious stone that is made of a clear and colourless form of pure carbon, which is the hardest naturally-occurring substance on earth. The organic process required to create a diamond needs four key ingredients – carbon, pressure, heat and time.


How did diamonds come about?

While the earth was developing, the heat and pressure under the surface crystallised the carbon, and this formed diamonds. These diamonds were brought to the surface of the earth by volcanic eruptions. When the magma cooled down, the diamonds were solidified in place and ready to be discovered. It’s important to note that a freshly-mined diamond looks nothing like the sparkly gems you see on engagement rings – they need to be sorted, cut and polished to bring out their lustre.

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