Topaz is a popular, affordable, durable and highly versatile stone that comes in a wide range of colours, including brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. Topaz is pleochroic, which means that the gem can show different colours in different directions. In its purest form, topaz is transparent.

Topaz has been a popular stone for at least 5000 years – it is believed that the stone was prized by ancient Egyptians, and then by the Romans and Greeks. Topaz jewellery was also highly sought after throughout the middle ages, and then became more available when large deposits were found in the 19th century.

Symbolically, topaz is thought to be a stone of love and good fortune. Some believe that it brings joy, good health and generosity, and that it soothes, heals and stimulates the wearer.

Here are some quick facts about topaz:

  • Sits at 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning topaz jewellery is durable enough for everyday wear
  • It is the stone given in celebration of the 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries
  • Birthstone for December
  • Ranges in colour from colourless to yellow, orange, red-brown, light to dark blue, pink to red, violet and light green

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