Pearl jewellery is timeless and elegant. We have one of the largest ranges of pearl jewellery in Brisbane. Our collection includes natural South Sea, Akoya and Tahitian pearls, as well as an affordable and beautiful range of cultured freshwater pearls.

Pearls have been prized for thousands of years. They were popular in ancient Egypt, Rome and China. Throughout the centuries – and even today – pearls have been thought to symbolise wisdom, purity, generosity and loyalty. They are said to have a calming, protective and strengthening effect on the wearer.

Here are some quick facts about pearls:

  • Pearls are the product of living creatures. They are formed when an irritant enters a Mollusc
  • They have been a treasured gemstone for centuries
  • They require no cutting or polishing
  • Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels rather than oysters and are found in freshwater lakes. They are not perfectly round but are slightly elongated
  • Pearls come in many colours such as white, grey, blue, pink, gold and black

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Our jewellers have decades of experience in designing and handcrafting custom items. Whether you have a design in mind already or want to create one with our team, we would love to bring your vision to life.