The Colourful Kaleidoscope Of Australian Parti Sapphires


The Colourful Kaleidoscope Of Australian Parti Sapphires

As the newest addition to Argyle Jewellers’ exquisite lineup of precious gemstones and our current favourite, we are thrilled that Australian parti sapphires are having their time to shine. An alluring gemstone with a potential for bi-colour and even tri-colour hues, parti sapphires are among some of the most unique sapphire varieties discovered.

Let’s explore more about these special stones, and why you may want to add one (or a few) to your personal collection.


The Discovery And Origin Of Australian Parti Sapphires

Parti sapphires were discovered in the late 19th century and have been enchanting gemstone enthusiasts and jewellers ever since. Whilst they are found in Montana in the USA as well as Madagascar, Australia is easily the most notable region where you’ll find these sparkling treasures. 

Many of the country’s sapphires – including the parti variety – are found in the famous gemfields of Anakie and Rubyvale, where the rugged outback offers up these multi-colour sapphires beneath the red earth. These parti sapphires, originally found in deposits in creek beds, come in a striking range of colour combinations, with blue and green being among the most common, with rarer varieties that include violet being especially prized.

Composition And Formation

The composition and formation of parti sapphires are a geological marvel, resulting in gemstones that are as unique as they are beautiful. These captivating sapphires owe their distinctive appearance to the interplay of various mineral elements and geological processes that are unusual in the field of gemology.

An Australian parti sapphire as seen in our Sapphire Dreams Ring

The geological forces that shape Australian parti sapphires are often linked to hydrothermal processes, where temperature and pressure deep within the Earth’s crust influence the gem’s final appearance. But what about their enchanting, multiple hues? 

Parti sapphires are primarily composed of corundum, the same mineral that gives rise to traditional blue sapphires and rubies. The colour zoning of these gems is formed when a range of trace elements, such as iron, titanium, and chromium, interact during their crystallisation process. These elements in turn influence the colours exhibited within the sapphire, creating a stunning fusion of colour.

What Colours Can You Find In Australian Parti Sapphires?

Parti sapphires present a mesmerising palette of colours that can include varying shades of blue, green, yellow, and sometimes even orange, violet or pink (these are especially prized stones). The most popular parti sapphires often feature a combination of green and blue, as this blend is considered the classic and most coveted variation. However, other striking colour combinations, like yellow and green or blue and yellow, also possess a unique charm. 

The subjective value of parti sapphires depends on individual preferences, but the interplay of colours, their intensity, and the balance between them are key factors in determining the gem’s desirability and price.


Sapphire Dreams Pendant by Argyle Jewellers

Parti Sapphire Jewellery: An Argyle Speciality

Australian parti sapphires have made their mark in the world of jewellery, inspiring creative and one-of-a-kind designs – including our stunning Sapphire Dreams collection, which includes ethically sourced parti sapphires from Queensland and New South Wales.

The unique combination of colours lends itself to a range of jewellery styles, from vintage-inspired to contemporary – and they pair perfectly with other precious stones, including white diamonds and other sapphire colours such as teal and green. 

At Argyle Jewellers, we are the premier parti sapphire specialists. Shop our range online, or visit us in-store to view our beautiful range.