3 Benefits of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Benefits of tungsten wedding bands


Choosing the right men’s wedding ring can be a complicated and overwhelming experience. With so many options to consider and decisions to make, finding a ring that not only suits his personal style, but is functional for his day-today needs may feel stressful in a time that should be full of love and excitement. A man’s wedding ring should represent who he is as a man as well as symbolise his everlasting love and commitment to his partner. Tungsten wedding rings have recently become a popular choice for many reasons.

Here are the top 3 benefits of tungsten wedding bands:

Tungsten Rings Are Very Durable

Tungsten rings are made out of a combination of tungsten and carbon, commonly known as tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide combines the durability of tungsten and the strength of carbon to form a very practical ring option that is especially popular among men that work in physical jobs.

For men that work in jobs that require operating heavy machinery, tungsten rings are a practical option because of their durability but are also a safer choice. Rings made of tungsten carbide rings will not bend out of shape at any time. Bent rings can be very dangerous if they restrict the blood flow of the wearer.

Tungsten carbide rings are much more durable than most of the conventional metals used in men’s jewellery like gold, palladium, silver or platinum.

They’re a More Affordable Option

For couples on a budget, tungsten rings are a great alternative for men’s wedding bands that are affordable but still stylish and practical. Tungsten carbide is an alternative metal and therefore much less expensive than materials like silver and gold but still has the luxury feel of platinum. Even though the price is much lower, there is still a large selection of different styles available in our range of tungsten rings. Our tungsten men’s rings come in natural gunmetal grey, and can also be plated with white, black, and gold colours. We also have inlay options such as wood, rose gold, and blue. If you don’t see one that you love there is also an option to customise your own tungsten ring, which is also available at a reasonable price.

Rings Made from Tungsten Are Scratch-Proof

Rings made from materials like gold and platinum require frequent upkeep to maintain their quality. Tungsten rings, however, require little to no maintenance throughout their lifetime. This is mostly because of the fact that tungsten rings are virtually scratch-proof. They can only be scratched by using the hardest minerals found on the earth, including diamonds or corundum.

This means you don’t have to remove the ring when you are doing chores or manual labour (having said this, tungsten bands do conduct heat and electricity, so they should be taken off when working in close proximity to electricity or heat). The fact that you can always keep it on means you’re less likely to lose it!

Interested in Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands?

Tungsten is a popular modern option for men’s wedding bands. Tungsten rings are a fashionable and practical choice, especially for men that work with their hands or live a physical lifestyle. They are made of a combination of tungsten and carbon, making them one of the most durable options for men’s wedding bands. They are also very affordable due to the fact they are made from an alternative metal. Their scratch-proof nature means that they require almost no maintenance over their lifetime. If you enjoyed this summary of the benefits of tungsten wedding bands, discover the stylish selection of men’s tungsten wedding bands available at Argyle Jewellers.

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