How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Jewellery Gift 

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Jewellery Gift

Gift buying for birthdays and special occasions can put a strain on a busy life, and even more so at Christmas. Christmas is the time of year for giving and receiving presents, but that also means selecting the perfect gift, and we all know how tricky that can be. Luckily enough, all women love jewellery! This means you can knock a few presents off your list in just a single store. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate buying the perfect Christmas jewellery gift for all the women in your life. And we’re sure you’ll find just the thing.

What Type of Jewellery Does She Wear?

Whether it’s for your good friend, wife, girlfriend, mum, sister, aunt or niece, everyone is unique and has their own personal taste in jewellery. You can learn a lot about her style by taking a look at the jewellery she owns or the pieces that she wears often. Once you have a general idea of her preferences, try to answer the following questions:

  • Is her jewellery small and subtle? Or large and eye-catching?
  • What metal colour does she like? Silver/white, yellow or rose gold?
  • Does she wear coloured or plain jewellery pieces?
  • Is her jewellery style modern or vintage?
  • Does she prefer earrings, necklaces or rings?
  • What style are they? Stud or drop earrings, long or short necklaces, plain or bold rings?

Answering these questions will help you select a Christmas jewellery gift that she’ll wear, enjoy and cherish for years to come.

Consider the Person You’re Buying For

Always consider the lifestyle of the woman you’re buying for and also how you picture her wearing your gift. Some lifestyle and personality aspects to consider before selecting a gift include:

  • Can she wear jewellery every day to work?
  • How often does she go out? Regularly or just for special occasions?
  • Does she like to dress up when going out?
  • Would she prefer an everyday jewellery item or a statement piece?
  • Does she have small children that might pull at necklaces or dangly earrings?

By thinking about the type of person that she is and also her day-to-day activities, you can narrow down your Christmas jewellery gift to one that suits her lifestyle. And, she’s much more likely to appreciate a piece of jewellery she can get good use out of.

Consider the Meaning You Want to Convey

Jewellery is a simple gift that can carry a lot of meaning. We encourage you to always think about the type of message you’re trying to convey or the way you’d like her to feel when she receives this gift. This will depend on the relationship you have with the person.

There are many ways to choose a piece of meaningful jewellery, whether it’s by looking at the design or the stones featured in your piece. Each stone has a different meaning, so you may choose based on their birthstone, or instead select one based on its colour or symbolic properties. To learn more about birthstone jewellery, read our guide, The Ultimate Guide to Birthstone Jewellery. Below are some personalisation tips to make your Christmas jewellery gift feel more meaningful.

  • Does she enjoy sentimental gifts? Consider gemstone jewellery.
  • Is there a date that carries meaning? Consider an engraving.
  • Do you share a special memory? Consider a locket.
  • Do you want to reinforce your vows? Consider a ring she can stack on her ring finger.
  • Does she have a favourite animal? Consider charm jewellery.
  • Is her taste in jewellery unique? Consider custom-designed jewellery.
  • Is she a close friend? Consider a friendship bracelet.

Phone a Friend!

If you’re feeling stuck, you can always reach out to a friend or family member to see what she might like. She may have mentioned a jewellery item she likes or they may be more familiar with her style. Feel free to seek advice on some gifts that you’ve already chosen too. And, if you’ve decided on a ring, be sure to ask her ring size!

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