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Diamond Cuts In Our Jewellery

When it comes to diamonds, we’re experts! At Argyle Jewellers, we offer a wide range of diamonds – from our world-renowned Argyle pink diamonds, the brightly coloured Australian yellow diamonds or sustainable lab-grown diamonds. Not only do we utilise these stunning gemstones in our range of luxe jewellery, but we do so with specialty diamond cuts in mind. 

What’s so special about diamond cuts? Is it the technical mastery required to create something so special, or is it the gleam that each individual cut brings to something as special as a diamond?

Round Cut Diamonds

Featuring in many of our creations, including our Art Deco Argyle Diamond Rings, round diamond cuts are among the most popular out there.

Being brilliant, classic and stylish, round-cut diamonds provide an irresistible shine that makes them so popular.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Another very popular design in the world of diamond cuts, cushion cut diamonds feature in many of our rings, including engagement rings, and are known for their square or rectangular shapes that feature smooth, curved edges. They are popular among classic and modern styles alike.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

As the name suggests, radiant diamond cuts are made to bring out the very best of an individual diamond. Taking on the enchanting form of an emerald, adorned with exquisite facets and gently trimmed edges, radiant diamonds are a remarkable option for those who look for heightened radiance and dazzling brilliance, all while sidestepping the hefty cost associated with a traditional round diamond shape

Oval Cut Diamonds

Amongst the most popular diamond cuts available, we stock a wide range of oval cut diamond rings at Argyle Jewellers.

Absolutely magnificent when set into a ring such as this Australian pink diamond ring, oval cut diamonds possess unrivalled brilliance and durability. They tend to be popular in engagement rings, since they seem larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat.

Pear Cut Diamonds

Merging the elegance of round and marquise cut diamonds, the pear diamond gracefully earns its nickname as the “teardrop diamond”. Within the realm of precious gems, pears pose a captivating challenge, making them a rare treasure to unearth.


Marquis Cut Diamonds

Captivating with its elongated silhouette, the Marquise diamond not only graces the hand but also captivates countless admirers with its distinctive allure. Having endured the test of time for centuries, this timeless shape embodies elegance in its purest form, ensuring an enduring symbol of beauty.


Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds embody the epitome of love, serving as an ultimate symbol of affection and devotion. These diamonds demand perfect symmetry, ensuring a flawless presentation on the hand of the wearer. Reserved for the true romantics, heart-shaped diamonds evoke a timeless charm that captivates with its classic allure.

No matter what diamond you may be seeking, we can help you find it.


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