Festive Jewellery For Your Christmas Wishlist

Festive Jewellery For Your Christmas Wishlist

Everyone wants to sparkle for the holidays! Whether it’s diamonds that shimmer like snow, or emeralds and rubies that are reminiscent of traditional Christmas colours, our festive jewellery is set to shine. From Christmas to the New Year, right through to a year of celebrations, a special piece of jewellery

Here are the pieces that you should add to your Christmas wishlist – but expect to enjoy for years to come!

December Birthstones Are For Everyone

December birthstones aren’t just for December babies! As one of the few months to have three birthstones to its name – tanzanite, zircon (not to be confused with zirconia) and turquoise – there is lots to explore when it comes to these gorgeous blue stones.


Tanzanite in particular is a vivid violet-blue gemstone founded in the 1960s in Tanzania, and works well in various jewellery settings due to its natural hardness. Simple yet stunning in these white gold Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings, or making a statement in 9ct yellow gold within this clustered Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, tanzanite will always look spectacular.

Zircon and turquoise are also fantastic choices for festive jewellery, as they are affordable options for jewellery that are both hardy and beautiful. While turquoise is a bluish-green stone, zircon is available in a rainbow of colours, so you won’t have any issues finding a piece of festive jewellery to add to your Christmas wishlist.

Traditional Christmas Colours In Festive Jewellery

With both red and green very festive colours, why not add a splash of ruby or emerald to your Christmas wishlist this year?

Emerald is a rare and precious stone that has been sought after for centuries. Emerald is also the perfect stone for the Christmas season, as ​​it is said to embody reflection, renewal, eternity, peace and balance. Consider this simple yet nonetheless beautiful Emerald Ring as an ideal festive gift, or the art deco statement being made by this magnificent Emerald and Diamond Ring.


Similarly, ruby can be a great choice for festive jewellery. Sometimes called the “King of Precious Stones”, ruby is an extremely popular stone that can be worn every day thanks to its hardness level. It is, of course, a gorgeous stone, especially in an heirloom piece such as our Australian Pink Diamond and Ruby Ring, crafted in 18ct white and rose gold and accompanied by exceptionally rare round brilliant cut Australian Argyle pink diamonds. For something more simple, yet nonetheless gift-worthy, a classic pair of Ruby and Diamond Earrings can never go wrong.

Diamonds Are Forever…And For Christmas

Is there really any time of year that diamonds aren’t considered a special gift? At Argyle Jewellers, we specialise in diamonds of all rarity and colour, and include them in a huge range of our jewellery pieces including our custom creations.

For something truly special for the festive season that will last a lifetime, pink diamonds evoke beauty and romance across a range of our jewellery. Amongst some of the rarest diamonds in the world, pink diamonds look stunning in just about any setting. From these dainty, floral-like Argyle Pink Diamond Earrings to true collector and investment pieces such as a phenomenal Pink Diamond Ring, “diamonds are forever” rings true when it comes to Australian pink diamonds.


Perhaps second only to Argyle pink diamonds are Ellendale yellow diamonds – natural, native diamonds that evoke the Australian Christmas sunshine with their brilliant yellow hue. When paired with another Australian native – pearls – the result is stunning, as is the case with this Yellow Diamond and Pearl Pendant.

Dress To Impress

If you aren’t looking for an engagement or wedding ring, why not consider a standout dress ring instead? These can be more affordable festive jewellery pieces as they may contain stones such as citrine, with its golden sun hue, and topaz, with its magical blue colour. London Blue Topaz is particularly stunning, with a near denim-blue colour that pairs beautifully with white gold.

And of course, no holiday outfit is complete without a sparkling pair of earrings. Whether they be unusual pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, or unique Lavender Jade and Diamond Earrings with their pastel purple hue, we have so many stunning gemstone specimens to choose from when it comes to festive jewellery.

Celebrate In Style

Whatever you may be celebrating, we at Argyle Jewellers want you to make the moment feel special. Browse our entire collection of bespoke festive jewellery pieces, or visit us in-store and find a piece that truly speaks to you.