Jeweller’s Tips: Choosing A Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Jeweller’s Tips: Choosing A Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Diamonds are the most popular choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, and it’s not hard to see why. With their stunning appearance and durability, they make a highly sought after accessory. Whether you’re searching for a mined diamond which has been created with extreme pressure and heat, or a lab-made diamond ring, there are plenty of considerations.

Purchasing a diamond ring takes time and research. With all of the choices available on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are looking for a lab grown diamond ring, we will take you through the basics of how to find the right piece of jewellery for you.


What Are Lab Grown Diamond Rings?

Lab grown diamond rings are making headway in the jewellery industry, with shoppers seeking out lab grown diamonds as a way to shop ethically and reduce their spendings. Instead of traditional diamonds, lab grown diamonds, or man made diamonds, are made inside a machine rather than mined kilometres below the earth’s crust. Although these two kinds of diamonds are made differently, both are identical in appearance and can only be differentiated by a gemologist with a magnifier.

Mined and lab made diamonds are identical in terms of durability, quality, and appearance, with the only difference being one was grown in a lab and the other mined from the earth. But before you make the decision to purchase a lab grown diamond ring, consider our tips to avoid buying a bad quality diamond.



Remember The 4C’s

Learning the 4C’s — carat, cut, colour, and clarity is essential if you want to buy a reasonably priced ring that appears stunning to the naked eye and emanates quality. Knowing the basics of the 4C’s will help you as a buyer to choose the right lab grown diamond ring and allow you to understand the overall quality of your desired gem.


The cut of a Lab Grown diamond is what gives it its beauty and sparkle. It is important to choose a Lab Grown diamond ring with a well-cut stone, as this will ensure that your ring lasts for many years to come.

Keep in mind that each lab grown diamond ring will have a different cut, which affects the stone’s dispersion, scintillation, fire, brilliance, brightness, and refraction of light. These aspects are important, as a well-cut diamond with these features will reflect coloured or white light back into your eyes. So, the key takeaway is that your ring should sparkle and look brilliant instead of dull.


Diamonds with a yellow tint aren’t typically desirable for engagement rings. To steer clear from rings with brown or yellow tints, we suggest avoiding diamonds in the M-Z range. Lab grown diamond rings have colour charts (and any diamonds for that matter), which begin with D as the highest colour grade.

When searching for a lab-created Diamond, consider looking within the G-J range to ensure you have an almost colourless diamond but you aren’t overpaying. We suggest looking for any noticeable tinting or having one of our experts at Argyle Jewellers assist you in the process.


The clarity of a lab grown diamond ring is its overall beauty and purity. A lack of clarity will result in visible blemishes, clouds and tiny spots on the diamond. If you need to save money, clarity is the most ideal characteristic of the 4C’s to compromise on, because most impurities (unless it’s a diamond with visible imperfections) can’t be seen unless the stone is magnified. A general rule of thumb: avoid stones with imperfections that the naked eye can see.


The carat of your lab grown diamond ring will depend on the other 3 C’s. If your ring balances out the cut, colour, and clarity, the stones carat will be the most substantial sized diamond available within your budget. Lab grown diamonds are cut and polished to maximise their carat weight, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.


Buy From A Reputable Jeweller

If you purchase an expensive “lab grown diamond ring” from a jeweller you haven’t done your research on, it’s possible you could be buying a fake diamond! To make sure what you’re purchasing is a real diamond, take your time to do the proper research. At Argyle Jewellers, we have an array of lab grown diamond rings in different cuts, styles, and colours that will suit just about anyone’s tastes.

It’s also important to check that the ring comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is a must when buying a lab-created diamond ring, to ensure its legitimacy.

Consider Different Shapes And Band Styles

When looking at engagement rings, it’s important to know what type of ring shape you and your partner want to buy. Whether you’re picking it out together or you’re going at it alone with your partner’s ideas in mind, think about the different cuts and how they look on various bands to be prepared.


Have A Think About Colours

Consider the 4C’s again. If your soon to-be-bride loves colour, she may prefer a pink or blue stone instead of a colourless lab grown diamond ring. A colourful stone is a unique engagement ring that may suit her wardrobe and personality more than a D colour-grade diamond — costing your wallet less too. You can find our range of coloured lab grown diamond rings on our website where we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right diamond to suit your partner’s tastes.


Take Your Time

Do not forget to take the process at a pace that suits you. Choosing the right lab grown diamond ring is a critical step and the first of many you will make leading up to your big day. It’s imperative to research what lab grown diamond rings are, to get an understanding of what you’re buying and who you will purchase from. After all, the ring will last a lifetime, so it’s best to do the research properly and find a professional jeweller that you can trust.


Lab Grown Diamond Rings With Argyle Jewellers

Buying a lab grown diamond ring is a big purchase, and one that you want to be certain on. Finding the right style for you is very important, which is why sourcing your diamond from a trusted jeweller is beyond essential.

At Argyle Jewellers, we offer a range of lab grown diamonds that are tailored to a wide range of tastes. We pride ourselves on offering top quality diamond products that last a lifetime for their owners. Our range of lab grown diamond rings can be found online or in our flagship stores in Westfield Garden City and Carindale, and are created with specialised equipment to ensure quality.

Contact us today and take the first step towards your diamond engagement ring with our beautifully crafted lab grown diamond rings!