Jewellery Set To Shine in 2024


Jewellery Set To Shine In 2024

At Argyle Jewellers, we’re always excited to look ahead and see what jewellery may be trending in the next twelve months. When it comes to jewellery trends 2024, we seem to be heading back toward the Y2K movement – but there are other surprises that have been mentioned by fashion-forward intelligence such as Vogue.

Here’s what we expect to be sparkling around necks, wrists and fingers in the upcoming year.


Pretty Pearls

We love a good flashback, a good classic – and pearls are certainly expected to be amongst the top jewellery trends 2024. At Argyle Jewellers, we have explored the origin and many types of precious pearls in the past, and of course, we carry many pieces of beautiful pearl jewellery.

South Sea Pearl Pendant by Argyle Jewellers

Whether it’s a dainty pair of earrings, a statement pearl necklace, or something a little more bold such as a combination of pearls and gemstones, be on the lookout for this trending gemstone in 2024.


Shining Statement Rings

When it comes to rings, 2024 is declaring the bigger, the better. Oversized rings have been spotted on many 2023 fashion runways, and included huge stones and impressive cocktail rings alike. 

Aquamarine And Sapphire Ring by Argyle Jewellers

Our favourite cocktail and statement rings are ones that embody various gemstones, cuts, settings and precious metals, making for a jewellery piece that will have every eye in the room upon it.


Dazzling Diamonds

Diamonds – whether in the form of a ring, a pendant, or earrings – are the sort of jewellery trend that never fades, and are set to make the list of top jewellery trends 2024. Not only are they stunningly gorgeous, but they also make for excellent investment pieces that will stand the test of time.

2ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Argyle Jewellers

Tennis bracelets are always an excellent choice when it comes to diamond jewellery, sparkling like a rope of ice around your wrist. Glimmering drop earrings are also a timeless addition to your jewellery box – and of course, you simply cannot forget our favourite, a diamond ring. Whether you opt for natural or lab-grown diamonds is your choice.


Artful Art Deco 

The word is that the wonderful world of art deco is returning to the fine jewellery scene. Inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, this style of jewellery takes on bold, geometric shapes that are studded with incredible gemstones such as morganite, ruby, and aquamarine.

Aquamarine And Diamond Ring By Argyle Jewellers

Art deco rings crafted from gold are set to be particularly popular, especially when paired with angular diamonds.


Bangles Make Their Comeback

With 2024 set to herald the return of ‘90s fashions, bangles are also set to make a return. The only difference here is that, rather than being made from plastic, trending bangles are instead expected to be made from fine metals. This ensures that your bangle will last for many years to come – including beyond 2024.

Diamond Bangle by Argyle Jewellers

2024 is set to sparkle, this we’re certain of. No matter what trend you’re chasing – or if you’re looking for a timeless classic – Argyle Jewellers has what you’re searching for.