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Your Trusted Pink Diamond Suppliers – Argyle Jewellers

The rare Australian pink diamond is known for its elegant colour and magnificent beauty, making it the most esteemed diamond in the world. When purchasing a valuable and rare gem such as pink diamonds It’s important to always utilise a trusted source. Argyle Jewellers is located in Westfield Garden City and is one of Brisbane’s largest and most trusted Pink Diamond Suppliers. With the precious gem available in loose cuts or set in jewellery, there is a range of available options to suit a wide number of demographics.

Pink Diamonds

Argyle Jewellers are proud to offer a range of loose and set Australian Pink Diamonds for investment. As Pink Diamond Suppliers, we have partnered directly with Pink Kimberley Diamonds to gain access to our readily available elusive pink diamonds. Our close relationships with our partners and our clients demonstrate our passion for the industry and our commitment to being Brisbane’s leading pink diamond suppliers.

The search for pink diamonds is ever-growing in popularity, with heightened interest over the past few years. If you are searching for the best pink diamond suppliers, but haven’t found the right cut – get in touch with Argyle Jewellers to see our exclusive range of pink diamonds. All of our Australian pink diamonds are GIA certified and come with an Argyle Lot Number and/or Certificate to guarantee their authenticity and quality. You’ll gain an appreciation of the quality of pink diamonds we have in stock in no time.

Pink Diamond Jewellery

Our pink diamond jewellery range is carefully handcrafted and beautifully complimented with white South Sea pearls and 18 carat white and rose gold. All our jewellery is carefully designed so that it effectively flatters the warm tones that radiate from our highly-sought-after pink diamonds. As Pink Diamond suppliers we take great pride in our jewellery quality and consistency which is why every item comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, quality guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.

Custom-Made Jewellery

When selected carefully, jewellery has the ability to invoke an emotional connection. Jewellery is an ideal, thoughtful and personal gift for most occasions. To create an everlasting piece for jewellery that is designed especially for your loved one, visit us for a consultation to discuss custom designing your newest asset. Incorporate a pink diamond from us as your trusted pink diamond suppliers to create a unique creation that will grow in value and withhold its appeal for eternity.

For more information, or to browse our options for pink diamond investment visit Australian Diamond Investment or Contact Us.