Your Guide To Infinity Rings For Men

Your Guide To Infinity Rings For Men

The search for a men’s ring can be overwhelming.

With endless choices of designs, different metals and colours, how do you know which is the perfect ring for you?

Infinity Rings for men may be the answer you’re looking for. They are becoming more and more popular as wedding rings and gifts for celebratory milestones. As a leading brand in gentlemen’s rings, you can have complete confidence that the style details and materials are of the highest quality.

An Infinity Ring is a symbol of everlasting commitment and strength for life. That’s why Argyle Jewellers is a proud stockist of this premium range of men’s rings. Offering both classic and modern designs of outstanding quality, there’s finally a reason to end your search — you can check out their designs here.


About Infinity Rings

Infinity Rings began in 2004 with a desire to create a range of rings for men that stood out from the rest.

They believe a gentlemen’s commitment ring should be a sign of dedication and an expression of individuality. Guided by this ethos as their foundation, they have developed a unique range of rings that encapsulates creative designs with the finest finishes and a level of craftsmanship rarely seen. This has led to the Infinity name becoming synonymous with an eternal and bonding connection that’s underlined by commitment.


Classically Made For Classic Style

Every Infinity ring begins its life in the purest of forms – as a precious metal waiting to be forged into an eternal object of distinction.

Inside of their world-class creative studio and manufacturing facility, they develop traditional and modern designs, experimenting with a variety of colours and precious metals. Each Infinity ring is created with a unique personality through its own artistic blend and balance of design elements, making each piece exclusive and individual.

Once a design has been chosen, it is transformed using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge techniques that craft, shape and finish your piece to the very finest detail. Here it also undergoes a specialised strengthening process that ensures its longevity and seals its quality.

All Infinity Rings are also individually inspected to ensure the highest quality standards at every stage of the process. Before any ring makes it into your hand, you can trust that it has been carefully checked to ensure it’s perfect.


Honouring The Strength Of Precious Metals

Jewellery is something that needs to endure a lifetime of memories. This means it needs to be made from the most durable materials.

Infinity Rings uses the highest quality alloys to achieve this. Across the entire contemporary range of designs is a selection of the most popular and proven metals for jewellery.

Here is the selection of metals available:


Platinum is the hardest precious metal and has recently risen to become the preferred choice for wedding rings and high-quality jewellery due to its strength. It’s a naturally white metal, has a dense weight that gives it a feeling of true substance and it’s very low maintenance.


The universal allure of gold has made it a choice for jewellery for centuries. It epitomises luxury and tradition, lending itself perfectly to a classic style wedding ring. Available in rose, white and yellow colours.


A lightweight metal that has similar characteristics to platinum. It’s very workable making it perfect for intricate designs and a popular choice over more expensive metals.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is another timeless metal that has been used for centuries. It is malleable, reflective and lustrous making it a quality choice for an affordable price. Dress it up or down, it’s naturally suited to any occasion.


The symbol for lightweight and unyielding durability, titanium is a metal that commands attention. As the strongest metal, it will not bend and often cannot be resized due to its sheer strength. Well-suited to professionals with hands-on work as it won’t be damaged easily and sensitive skin types as it’s hypoallergenic. Its great price point makes it an attractive choice too.


A popular alternative to titanium, this metal starts as a grey/white colour that turns black via an oxidation process. This creates an extremely hard, neutral black coating that is scratch resistant. Useful for creating eye-catching two-tone styles by combining it with gold, white gold or platinum.

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