Fall in Love with Our Pink Diamonds for Sale

Pink Diamonds for Sale

Looking for a hidden gem amongst the abundance of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds? Discover the unique and remarkable Australian pink diamonds for sale in our Pink Kimberly Diamond Collection. 

Incredibly Rare Australian Pink Diamonds for Sale

Pink diamonds are formed in the rich red earth of the Eastern Kimberley region in Western Australia. From diamonds in the rough, they are expertly crafted by experienced artisans to become an exquisite piece of fine jewellery. However, for every million carats of rough diamonds mined, only one carat of pink diamonds will be suitable for sale. Australian Pink Diamonds are literally one in a million. Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond mine is expected to exhaust its supply and cease production by 202o which is anticipated to increase the rarity and value of this highly sought after gem.

Engagement Rings Made from Pink Diamonds for Sale

With colours reminiscent of the dreamy hues of the Kimberly sunsets, pink diamonds are a delicate fusion of soft pink tones and the dazzling radiance of diamonds. To honour your everlasting connection with your partner, while paying homage to the beauty of the Australian landscape, choose a pink diamond for an elegant engagement ring. The rarity and beauty of a pink diamond will compliment her femininity and grace and be a meaningful piece of jewellery to monumentalise your love.

Our complete range of jewellery featuring Australian pink diamonds awaits your discovery online.