Repurpose Your Old Jewellery Into New Pieces

Wondering what to do with your unloved jewellery? Maybe you have inherited jewellery from a relative that’s a bit old fashioned, or have pieces broken at the clasp or missing a stone. Maybe it’s a piece that isn’t comfortable or simply isn’t for you anymore.

While it might not be used, jewellery is often very personal and meaningful, so it can be hard to let go of it.

Remodelling old jewellery is a mindful way to give it new intention, creating a new piece that you adore without the impact of finding new resources. It can also save you money too compared to buying them new.

How Does Jewellery Remodelling Work?

So, you sorted through your jewellery box and picked out what items you’d like to remodel — what’s next?

Bring it into our boutique for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll be able to assess the value, identify any hallmarks and suggest possible options. It’s a fun experience and you might be surprised how reasonable the price is to remodel. It usually takes 4-6 weeks and we can provide additional precious metals and stones if needed.

It’s amazing how versatile repurposing jewellery can be.

Our popular jewellery remodelling options include:

  • Exchanging yellow gold jewellery for white or rose gold through metal swap service or store credit.
  • Reshaping or sizing rings to fit your needs.
  • Polishing worn down stones back to perfection and recutting broken gems.
  • Consolidating a number of pieces into one amazing piece, for example turning a pair of earrings into a signet ring.
  • Making a large piece of jewellery such as a bangle into a collection of rings for family members.
  • Setting a small centre diamond from an old engagement ring with a matching stone into earrings, while the engagement ring is upgraded.
  • Rescuing a remaining earring from a set by turning it into a pendant necklace.
  • There are endless remodelling options — we can create Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Earrings, Men’s Wedding Bands, Necklaces, Pendants and any other treasured Gold, Silver, Gemstone, Pearl and Diamond jewellery items.


Jewellery Services Workshop

Repurposing is handled by Argyle’s Jewellery Services Workshop. With over thirty years of experience designing, manufacturing and repairing high-quality jewellery pieces, we can provide expert and honest advice to customers. Using advanced CAD technology we can also show you what it will look like before it’s crafted allowing for any adjustments to be made.

We can advise you on what’s worth reusing and how to make the most of what you have. As skilled designers, we can show you how we’ll transform your old jewellery pieces into art with perfect proportions, beautiful finish, engraving, lines, and variations in metal and precious stones.

Additionally, we can assist you in selecting what quality of stones to use and how to place them for the greatest effect. We also ensure gemstone settings are optimised for maximum brilliance and continue to be practical, durable and wearable. We can create a variety of settings including claw, channel, bezel and pavé.

To ensure that your jewellery pieces fit perfectly in every way, we take into account your unique hand and finger shape and size, skin colour, lifestyle, existing jewellery and personal style so the design is unique to you.

If you have a few odd sized diamonds and gemstones, our designers are some of the few who can balance the asymmetrical design.

Learn more about Custom Design and Jewellery Insurance.

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