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Argyle Jewellers has over thirty years of experience designing, manufacturing and repairing high-quality jewellery pieces. Our in-house jewellers at our Brisbane jewellery studio and workshop are available for consultation five days a week. Our jewellery services apply to engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and any other treasured gold, silver, gemstone, pearl and diamond jewellery items.


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Jewellery Design

Create something truly special and unique to you. Our expert jewellery designers are equipped to beautifully handcraft your desired piece of jewellery. In your initial complimentary design consultation, your designed stone selection and metal choices are discussed, and a sketch is created to showcase your design. We offer computer-aided drawings to provide a strong artist vision for you to visualise your custom-design jewellery item before the creation process begins.

Diamond and Gemstone Setting

A precise setting can enhance and transform the look of any jewellery piece. Our meticulous knowledge of gemstone and diamond settings allow our jewellers to optimise the way your diamond or gem is set into the jewellery item of your choice. We’ll work together to decide the placement that will achieve maximum brilliance and beauty while ensuring the custom-made jewellery is practical, durable and wearable. Whether you’re after a claw setting, channel, bezel or pave setting, our experienced team can make it a reality.



Jewellery Remodelling

Reinvent your unworn pieces. Our experienced team of craftsmen can remodel any item of jewellery to create a uniquely elegant appearance that better suits your style and taste. Custom-design your jewellery by repurposing your metals and stones into something glamorous.

Ring Resizing

You no longer have to worry about losing your ring. If your ring doesn’t quite fit, Argyle jewellers can resize it to properly fit your finger. Our knowledgeable jewellery repairs team understand the potential for ring resizing and the limitations regarding the stone setting. As a general rule of thumb, ring resizing is restricted to two sizes bigger or smaller to maintain the excellence of the item. If you’re not sure about your rings potential for resizing, we welcome your enquiries at our Brisbane jewellery studio. Our Ring resizing service can be offered as a same day service if required.

Rhodium Plating

Instil a brilliant and luxurious white shine to your diamond engagement ring with our rhodium plating service. Rhodium is a precious metal used to hide imperfections and lend a higher sheen to silver or white gold jewellery. With the consistent wear of white gold, the top layer of rhodium plating eventually lifts, making replating a requirement every few years. Our jewellers are experts at reviving a piece of worn jewellery and can exceed your expectations for rhodium plating. Our Rhodium plating service can be offered as a same day service if required.

Jewellery Cleaning and Repairs

Our studio has qualified jewellers and the specialist equipment to ensure the perfect result for your jewellery cleaning and repair needs. If your jewellery needs a professional clean to return its shine and radiance, visit our Brisbane workshop for same-day buff and polishing. Alternatively, if your jewellery item requires re-shanking, re-tipping or re-clasping, we have state-of-the-art equipment to repair your item to the highest standard possible.

Chain Repairs

With a team of jewellery specialists, Argyle Jewellers offers a chain repair service (resoldering) for all metal types and all chain styles. We can repair curb link chains as well as Figaro, belcher, snake, box and diamond-cut links. Bring your item in for assessment so we can get you wearing your chain as soon as possible.


Jewellery Valuation & Recording Service

Obtain a current online record of your jewellery information to protect yourself against potential insurance claims. With the Jewelscan Jewellery Valuation and Recording Service, you will receive an online record of your proof of ownership, detailed description and the current value of your item, in a secure and accessible server. Quickly gather the information you require for your insurer for insurance and claims purposes.


Repair and Replacement Insurance Policy

Have complete peace of mind knowing your jewellery items are insured, wherever you are. With the Jewelsure Repair and Replacement Insurance Policy, you possess current valuation cover for the worldwide loss, damage or theft of your item, and are eligible for repair or replacement every day of the year.


Jewellery Care Plan

When you invest in a piece of our jewellery, we can arrange a comprehensive plan to cover the required maintenance to sustain the brilliance of your item. Whether your item requires rhodium plating, resizing, resoldering or stones to be reset, rest assured knowing our team are invested in the longevity of your item.  Enquire online or instore to find out more about our Jewellery Care Plan offerings.


Same-Day Repairs

Make the most of our jewellery services with same-day repairs on most jewellery items. Visit us in-store or call our Mount Gravatt jewellery store to enquire today about same-day jewellery repairs.


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