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Argyle mine pink diamonds

Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine is located in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. This mine was established in 1983, and is the world’s largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds.

When it comes to pink diamonds, Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine is the world’s only reliable source. Despite this, less than 0.1% of the diamonds extracted from the mine are pink. These diamonds are so rare that just 50-60 diamonds are sold per year. And this is the world’s largest supplier, making up 90% of the global supply! Rio Tinto have set the closure of the mine for 2020 due to lack of supply, so Australian pink diamonds provide a smart investment opportunity.

Pink Diamond Colouring

Rio Tinto have their own approach to pink diamond colour grading. Their pink diamonds are divided into four colour categories: PP (Purplish Pink), P (Pink), Pink Rose (PR) and PC (Pink Champagne). Rio Tinto also recognise two Red hues – Red and Purplish Red – as well as Blue Violet colouring. The diamonds are also graded in colour intensity, and are given a number between 1 (the highest) and 9 (the lowest).

Pink Diamond Jewellery

At Argyle Jewellers, we have a stunning selection of argyle pink diamond jewellery including rings, earrings and pendants that feature natural pink diamonds along with rose and white gold settings. We also have a range of loose diamonds, which are ideal for those who want to invest in one of these precious stones. All of our pink diamonds come with an Argyle Lot Number and/or Argyle Certificate, so you can rest assured that they are 100% authentic.


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