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Diamond Repair Services 

Your diamond jewellery isn’t just a financial investment – it’s more than likely been an emotional investment too, since diamonds hold sentimental value like few other gemstones. But even the most resilient gemstones can encounter wear and tear over time, impacting their famous brilliance and even compromising their structural integrity. 

Fortunately, expert diamond repair services – such as those offered by Argyle Jewellers – can bring your treasured diamond jewellery pieces back to life, ensuring they continue to hold a special place in your heart for many, many years to come.

Let Argyle Jewellery Take Care Of Your Diamonds

Our thorough diamond repair service encompasses a wide range of repair solutions to ensure your diamonds remain bright and beautiful.

Claw And Setting Repair

Whether you’ve snagged your diamond ring on a piece of clothing or it has simply grown loose over time, loose or damaged claws can go on to leave your diamonds vulnerable to loss. To counter this, our skilled jewellers can securely retighten or replace claws, ensuring your gemstones remain safely nestled in their settings.

Ring Resizing

As fingers change size throughout life, your cherished rings may no longer fit comfortably, but of course you don’t want to put them away in a box to gather dust. Instead, our expert jewellers can seamlessly resize your rings, preserving their integrity and ensuring a perfect fit so you can continue to admire your rings for years to come.

Stone Replacement

Lost or chipped diamonds can be replaced with carefully matched stones, restoring the look of your jewellery. Argyle Jewellers will ensure the new stones complement the existing piece as closely as possible. We can even incorporate lab grown diamonds into your repair, for a stunning shine that doesn’t cost the earth.

Polishing And Cleaning

Diamonds, like any gemstone, can accumulate dirt and lose their lustre over time. Our professional polishing and cleaning services can refresh your diamond jewellery, revealing their brilliance and sparkle.

Chain And Clasp Repair

Broken chains or malfunctioning clasps can break over time with so much use. We can repair or replace chains and clasps, ensuring your pieces remain secure and wearable.

Why Choose Professional Diamond Repair With Argyle Jewellers

When you entrust your diamond jewellery to Argyle Jewellers, we work to preserve your jewellery’s value with expertise and precision. We work with tools to handle delicate repairs with meticulous care, ensuring optimal results and giving you peace of mind, knowing that your diamonds are in capable hands.

Get in touch with our jewellers, and we’ll bring your diamonds sparkling back to life.