Gemstone Jewellery Australia: Express Yourself with Coloured Gems

Jewellery is an expression of who you are. Gemstone jewellery allows you to be as colourful and unique as you want, with a variety of stones in colours that will perfectly match your personality.

Gemstones are truly diverse. They come in many different colours and cuts, from ruby to tanzanite, aquamarine to emerald. Argyle Jewellers has all these beautiful gemstones and more available for purchase through our Westfield Garden City and Westfield Carindale stores or you can view a selection of our range online. Whether it’s a sapphire ring or topaz necklace that catches your eye or something else entirely like a pair of matching peridot earrings, we have what you’re looking for!

Australian Jeweller Specialising In Precious, Collectible Diamonds

While we find beauty in all precious stones, Argyle Jewellers has been sourcing incredible diamonds for use in our ready to buy and custom-made jewellery for decades. Founded in 1987, we have become a respected home for the exceptionally rare pink diamond over time. Pink diamonds are found only in Rio Tinto’s East Kimberly, Western Australia mine (closed in 2021), where approximately only 0.1% of all diamonds mined in the area are pink.

This makes Argyle Jewellers a rare Australian jeweller that works with such precious stones. Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds are beyond rare – they are considered an Australian ‘heritage’ precious stone that is highly sought after by collectors and investors from all around the globe. You can purchase certified loose Argyle pink diamonds, or instead find them encased in our unique collection of jewellery in a number of precious metals including white and rose gold.

Aside from these exceptional diamonds, we also stock lab-created diamonds with all the brilliance of diamonds forged by nature. These are a more affordable alternative to mined diamonds, but lose none of their beauty. Other unusual diamond colours we stock as a respected Australian jeweller include chocolate and yellow, selected for their brilliance and hue.

Ready To Wear Or Custom Made: It’s Up To You

From superior and beautiful engagement rings to eye-catching diamond and mixed gemstone earrings, our jewellery stores located in Brisbane, Queensland stock only the finest of ready to wear offerings. Visiting us in-person is perhaps the best way to witness the true ethereal beauty of our precious stones, and we encourage you to do so where possible.

Or perhaps you’re after something that will truly make a loved one (or yourself) feel special. If this is the case, our custom design services allow you to design a piece that is truly unique to you. We design and handcraft jewellery in our in-house workshop, and regularly attend trade shows to keep up to date with the most popular, current trends. Our custom pieces are very special as they not only let you tell your own story, but they can also be around the same price as much of our ready to wear jewellery, making Argyle Jewellers an affordable Australian jeweller when it comes to bespoke jewellery for men and women.