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Diamonds come in a variety of colours, with the most well-known and traditional diamond being clear. Recently black diamonds have grown in popularity, and the trend is here to stay. Primarily found in Brazil and Central Africa, Argyle Jewellers sources the distinctively beautiful black diamonds for customers local to Brisbane. Also offering custom designs, you can use the stone of your choosing to create a black diamond jewellery item that is uniquely yours. Argyle Jewellers offers the most striking collection of black diamonds Brisbane has to offer!

Black Diamond Hardness

Black diamonds have a similar structure to a white diamond, however they do vary slightly. A colourless diamond composes of solid crystal, whereas, natural black diamonds consist of many small, combined crystals. While black diamonds rate an equal 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, they are actually slightly stronger than white diamonds.

Black Diamond Jewellery

Black diamonds have a bold and unique appearance, and can represent a sense of individuality in the wearer. Available in a variety of diamond cuts, black diamond jewellery is both dramatic and glamorous and is a less expensive alternative to a white diamond. Symbolically, black diamonds are believed to symbolise beauty, charisma, power and transcendence in the wearer.

We have a collection of natural black diamond rings and engagement rings available online and in-store. The range includes:

Custom Designed Black Diamonds Brisbane

Whether you’re after a striking pair of earrings, a pendant or a ring, Argyle Jewellers can custom create your perfect piece of black diamond jewellery. Beautiful alone or alongside other gemstones or diamonds, black diamonds look stunning when set in Platinum, White, Yellow or Rose Gold. Our experienced team of jewellery specialists will work with you to select the right size and colour diamond, and ensure you love every aspect of your creation.

The first step is to book a free design consultation. Here, we’ll discuss your stone selection, metal choices and do some rough drawings of your design. As expert craftsmen, we’ll help you decide on the cut and carat to fit in-line with your budget and setting. We’ll work with you to create you a custom jewellery piece you’ll love and cherish for generations.

Once you’re happy with your design, we’ll hand craft the jewellery in-store. Once it’s ready, you can pick it up from our store, or take advantage of our Store to Door Concierge service.

Contact Argyle Jewellers for the Highest Quality Black Diamonds Brisbane has to Offer!

Whether you’d like to shop the current collection or custom design your own black diamond, Argyle Jewellers can help! We have the highest quality black diamonds Brisbane has to offer! Get in touch with us online, or call our store to find out more about our collection of beautiful black diamonds.