Choose Knowingly | Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings (2020)

engagement ring setting argyle

Buying an engagement ring can be an extremely daunting task, especially if you don’t know the first thing about jewellery. There’s a number of ways a diamond or gemstone can be set into a ring. And the setting is equally as important as the centre stone! To achieve a ring design that perfectly suits her sophistication and style, you must understand the different ways a ring can be set. This is because each unique engagement ring setting achieves a unique brilliance and beauty to the stone and impacts the overall appearance of the ring.

So, what are the different types of engagement ring settings?


1.Prong Setting

engagement ring setting solitaire

A prong setting is undeniably one of the most popular setting styles of engagement rings. The prong setting (or claw setting) refers to the thin bands of metal support that secure the diamond. A prong setting can have four or six prongs, and the more prongs, the more secure the diamond will be. When prongs are used to secure a single stone, the ring is referred to as a solitaire ring. This engagement ring setting is traditional and can be personalised with a diamond band or coloured gemstones, depending on your personal preference. This setting can feature a round princess cut ring, or feature a more distinctive shape such as emerald, oval, pear or marquise stone.


Benefits of a Prong Setting

  • The stone has less metal coverage
  • More light can access the diamond or gem to allow for more shine
  • The diamond is elevated, making it appear more prominent
  • Simple to clean and maintain

Image: White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring


2.Bezel Setting

engagement ring setting bezelThis engagement ring setting is one of the most popular styles due to its modern appearance and suitability for an active lifestyle. Instead of using prongs to secure the diamond or centre stone, a thin metal strip surrounds the gem to hold it in place and keep it securely protected. This makes the bezel setting one of the most durable engagement ring styles.

Bezel settings can be full or partial, wherein the full bezel setting the diamond or gem is completed surrounded by metal, and in the partial bezel setting, the sides remain open. When the sides remain open the diamond is exposed to more light which can increase the shine of the stone.


Benefits of a Bezel Setting

  • The ring is unlikely to snag on clothing
  • The diamond is very secure, preventing damage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sleek, modern finish

Image: White Gold Bezel Set Engagement Ring


3.Channel Setting engagement ring setting channel

Channel set rings feature small diamonds or gemstones in the band of a ring to increase the sparkle of the engagement or wedding ring. The diamond accents are placed into a channel formed by two strips of metal and the diamonds are held in place by grooves on both walls of the ring, making them flush with the shank of the ring. If the channel setting is used separately from a prong setting, the ring becomes snag-free. This is particularly beneficial for an active bride-to-be. This setting can be used to decorate the sides of a band, or the entire band (as pictured above).


Benefits of a Channel Setting

  • The ring is unlikely to snag on clothing
  • Diamonds are secured within the ring
  • The sparkle of the ring is enhanced
  • Multiple ways to incorporate this setting

Image: White Gold Channel Set Wedding Band


4.Halo Setting

engagement ring setting halo

The halo ring setting is the placement of diamonds or other gemstones surrounding the centre stone, typically in a circle or square pattern. This design is increasingly popular due to the extra bling, making it ideal for ladies who love to sparkle. The halo setting makes the centre stone appear larger, which is a fantastic way to magnify the appearance of a small stone. There’s room for creativity here, a halo is a great way to introduce coloured gemstones for a more individualised and unique engagement ring.

A single halo or double halo can be used, depending on how large you intend the setting to be. A single halo is a single coordinated circle of stones surrounding the centre stone, and a double halo is two coordinated circles of stones (as pictured above).


Benefits of a Halo Setting

  • The appearance of a smaller centre diamond is magnified
  • The centre stone is securely held and protected
  • The sparkle of the ring is enhanced due to surrounding stones
  • Halo setting complements different stone shapes
  • Allows for personalisation and colour contrast

Image: Two-Tone Halo Set Engagement Ring 


5. Three Stone Setting

engagement ring setting trilogy ring

This engagement ring setting is often referred to as a trilogy ring. The design features three diamonds or stones set side-by-side. The centre stone is usually the largest and set the highest to bring emphasis to it, and the two flanking stones are typically smaller. This style typically features princess cut diamonds, however, coloured gemstones are becoming increasingly popular to feature on the outer edges of this ring setting.

There is also symbolism to this design, making it a popular choice for an engagement ring. It’s said that each of the three stones represents a stage in your partnership, representing the past, present and future. The three stones can also represent three essential characteristics for a successful relationship: friendship, love and fidelity.

Image: White Gold Trilogy (Three Stone Setting) Engagement Ring


Benefits of a Three Stone Setting

  • Allows for a number of larger stones
  • Enhances the appearance of the centre stone
  • Allows for personalisation and colour contrast
  • Increased sparkle and brilliance of stones due to light
  • Has more symbolism than other engagement ring settings


Making the Choice

Choosing an engagement ring for your significant other can be a challenging decision, one that requires careful thought and planning. The setting of a ring plays a large role in the overall design and outcome of the ring. Read more tips for purchasing an engagement ring your S.O will love and which colour metal flatters which skin tone to ensure you are considering all factors before choosing your ring. When it comes to selecting a stone, consider diamond options as well as coloured gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and morganites. 

Now that you understand the most popular engagement ring settings, it’s time to get started on your design. Our team of expert craftsmen can custom-make the design of your choice, starting with a complimentary design consultation. Contact us to book an appointment. Otherwise, you can shop our range of engagement rings online and in-store.