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Fine Pearl Jewellery Brisbane

Pearls are timeless, classic additions to your jewellery collection that can be worn on almost any occasion. From formal parties to everyday office attire, pearls can bring together just about any outfit. At Argyle Jewellers, our range of pearl jewellery Brisbane allows you to enjoy these glossy bounties of the sea.

Pearl Earrings Brisbane

There’s a reason why the famed Vermeer painting Girl With The Pearl Earring is so alluring. The wink of light that reflects from her single pearl earring has been a charming part of the painting for generations, capturing the simple aesthetic beauty of the jewellery. At Argyle Jewellers, we pay homage to this lustrous gemstone with natural pearls set with semi-precious stones and stunning coloured diamonds alike.

Pearl Pendants & Necklaces Brisbane

Like the famous wife of Henry VIII Anne Boylene, you too can wear captivating pearls upon your neck. Whether it’s a string of brilliant golden pearls or a single pearl accompanied by sparkling diamonds, our collection of pearl pendants Brisbane are true heirloom pieces that will capture your heart.

Pearl Rings Brisbane

A dramatic cocktail ring that holds a precious pearl can be a real statement piece whilst carrying glittering vintage vibes. Whether you prefer your pearl to be surrounded by colourful sapphires to a golden pearl accompanied by a halo of precious diamonds, our range of pearl rings and pearl jewellery Brisbane will take your breath away.

Rare Pearls And Rare Diamonds

Not only do we specialise in fine pearl jewellery Brisbane, but we also love to create statement pieces that use rare coloured diamonds as well. From unique, collectible pink diamonds through to sunny yellow diamonds, our diamonds pair perfectly with our collection of pearls – which themselves are available in a range of colours – to create striking pieces of jewellery that will be a part of your life for generations to come.

See Our Beautiful Pearl Jewellery Brisbane For Yourself

Argyle Jewellers’ spectacular jewellery pieces truly have to be seen to be believed. If you’re seeking high-quality, shimmering pearl necklaces, rings or earrings in Brisbane, please feel free to visit us in-person at either our Westfield Mt Gravatt location or Westfield Carindale locations, where we’re sure you’ll be blown away by our range.