Mothers Day Earrings Mum Will Love

Being a mum is no easy feat. Mums juggle a lot, every single day. And although the most accomplished mothers deserve to feel special every day of their lives, sometimes our appreciation for them isn’t so obvious. Fortunately, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to honour the daily efforts your mum puts in, just because she cares. And what better way to show your gratitude than with a pair of charismatic mothers day earrings Mum can wear day-in and day-out.

Delicate, yet easy to wear jewellery can be hard to find. So, we’ve combined some of our favourite styles for Mum that’ll show off her unique style and personality, and also be a great addition to any outfit or occasion.

Diamond Mothers Day Earrings

Diamonds are unlike any other gift simply due to the sheer amount of thought involved. Unlike flowers, diamonds last a lifetime, so the diamond mothers day earrings you gift Mum will serve as a lasting reminder of the love and appreciation you hold her.

Whether she likes the vibrant colour of gemstones in her jewellery or prefers her diamond earrings to be simple, we’ve compiled our favourite beaming diamond pieces for this Mother’s Day.

Topaz & Diamond Earrings

mothers day earrings

The energetic brilliance of blue Topaz in these 9ct yellow gold and topaz stud earrings cannot be missed from a distance. The perfect hue of this subtle blue stone complements any skin tone and eye colour to accentuate your Mum’s natural beauty. Topaz is quite hard wearing and can resist the scratches that come with regular wear, making it the perfect mother’s day gift for daily wear.

ALTR Created Diamond Earrings

mothers day earrings

Created diamonds showcase a greater purity and quality of the stone due to the conditions they are grown in, which replicate that of a diamond mine. This affordable and high-quality pair of created diamond, 18ct white gold studs are environmentally friendly, sustainable and are backed with a certificate of authenticity. Give Mum that much-needed sparkle this year with a pair of earrings that exhibit the same fluorescence and fire of a mined diamond.

Chocolate Diamond Embrace Earrings

mothers day earrings

These 18ct white and rose gold diamond huggies feature bezel set Australian Chocolate Diamonds and brilliant whites for a stunning contrast. The warmth, richness and vibrance of these earrings allow them to easily harmonise with numerous other metals and complement each and every skin tone. The beauty and rarity of chocolate diamonds can truly be appreciated when combined with this unique marquise-shaped design. Our Chocolate Diamond Embrace Earrings make the perfect mothers day earrings to gift your mum this mother’s day.

Ruby & Diamond Earrings

mothers day earrings

Rubies, the birthstone of July, represent love, health and wisdom in all of its wearers. These natural ruby hoop earrings, combined with diamonds and set in 9ct yellow gold, are a meticulously crafted piece of must-have jewellery. They’re small in size, making them an essential pair of earrings to add some colour to Mum’s wardrobe. Gift your mum the colour of passion, love and fire this mothers day with a fine pair of delicate ruby earrings.

Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings

mothers day earrings

Cool, ocean blue, aquamarine, combined with 9ct white gold and diamonds is an understated yet elegant addition to the earlobe. The emerald cut of this stone accentuates the purity of its sky blue colour and dazzles in the sunlight. Shock Mum this mother’s day with a delicate design she’ll wear for a lifetime.

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Diamonds are the strongest gemstone and are designed to last a lifetime. They represent purity, love and faithfulness, the perfect representation of your love for Mum. A girl’s best friend, and a gorgeous gift for every mother to celebrate on mother’s day.

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