3 Reasons You Should Consider Pink Diamond Investment

There are so many things you can invest in, including real estate, bonds, stocks, funds and natural commodities like diamonds and gold. Choosing which investment is the best for your circumstances can be tough. If you are looking for something reliable, that has shown significant growth over the last few decades, pink diamonds are a great choice. Global supply is dwindling – but demand is ever-growing.

Here are three reasons you should consider investing in a pink diamond (especially one from the Argyle mine!):

Unprecedented Investment Growth

Diamonds are considered to be a ‘crisis resistant’ investment – this means that they maintain their value during economically uncertain times. Pink diamonds experience the most interest growth of all coloured diamonds. The average investment growth of Argyle pink diamonds is around 15% (it has reached up to 20%). Over the last 15 years, prices have never dropped – and experts don’t think they will anytime soon. This fantastic growth is mainly due to how rare these diamonds are – in fact, they may even be finite.

The Global Supply Is Predicted to Fall 90% by 2021

90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. This mine, which has been operating since the 1980s, is predicted to close by 2021 due to exhausted supply. In the lead up to this date – and certainly afterwards – Argyle pink diamonds are expected to surge in value.

Although pink diamonds can be found in other mines around the world (in countries including Brazil, Russia and India), the Argyle mine is the world’s main source. A sufficient replacement mine is yet to be discovered – and even if one is found, it will likely take 10-15 years until these pink diamonds would be available to consumers.

When the Argyle mine closes, the world’s supply of pink diamonds is going to drop significantly – this makes them an investment that is likely to offer high medium-long term capital gains.

Easy to Manage & Hassle-Free

Diamonds are a tangible asset that require little (if any) maintenance. They last forever and are made of the hardest and most durable substance in the world. Unlike larger investments, diamonds can easily be stored or transported after purchase. They can even be set in jewellery and worn, if you really want to enjoy your investment!

The physical nature of diamonds provides peace of mind when compared to intangible investments like stocks – you can hold the diamond, look at it up close and even wear it, and this is very different to staring at volatile stock results on a computer screen!

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about pink diamond investment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional jewellers. We have a magnificent range of loose and set pink diamonds, which we source directly from the Argyle mine. All of our Argyle pink diamonds come with an Argyle Lot Number and/or Argyle Certificate, which guarantees their quality and authenticity.