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Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

Are you looking for a unique and special wedding ring? Maybe a pink diamond wedding ring?

Pink diamonds are one of nature’s rarest and most stunning creations. These elusive diamonds were sourced from the Argyle mine in Australia’s Kimberley Region, but now this source (which accounted for 90% of production) has been exhausted. To capture your love, there’s nothing more exclusive than a pink diamond wedding ring.

Argyle Jewellers has over 30 years of experience creating the finest ladies’ wedding rings. We offer custom-fitted wedding bands and all our rings can be created in Rose, White or Yellow Gold as well as Platinum.

Argyle Jewellers specialises in pink diamonds and has curated one of Australia’s finest collections. We regularly attend international trade shows in search of the best examples and have a team of experienced and skilled craftsmen to make your wedding ring design.

With the closure of the Australian Argyle Diamond mine in late 2020, the privilege of owning any Argyle Pink Diamond is rarer than ever before. Only 50 or so pink diamonds were produced each year before the mine was closed. With supply dwindling and increased demand, these diamonds double as excellent investments.

A pink diamond is a perfect way to symbolise your love – something that is rare, unique and beautiful. Our collection offers rings that are elegant, timeless and sure to impress on your big day.

About Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds

The story of Australian Pink Diamonds began in 1979 when a group of geologists were digging in the heart of a region known as East Kimberley, in Western Australia.

They spotted something glimmering in an anthill and it turned out to be a depository of diamonds. Of all the stones that Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine would reveal, the most highly prized and supremely precious are their rare pink diamonds. Only a very small percentage of the Diamonds mined by the mine are pink – less than 0.1% in fact.

Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds are beyond rare – they have become an Australian ‘heritage’ item that is highly sought after by collectors and investors from all around the globe. No other consistent source exists and certified Argyle diamonds have grown their investment significantly further. Furthermore, all Kimberley Diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Our Range Of Pink Diamond Jewellery

Pink Kimberley, a proud Australian brand, combines the beauty of Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds with contemporary design. The collection includes engagement rings, dress rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

The design inspiration for the jewellery comes from the natural beauty of Australia and the combination of soft blush pinks to deep magentas.

Inspired by mother nature, their collection is truly stunning.

Blush Pink Jordyn Ring


Create A Bespoke Wedding Ring

For a bespoke piece that’s as unique and personal as your love, you can create a custom pink diamond ring in-store with designers.

At Argyle Jewellers, craftsmanship and quality are at the heart of what we do. When it comes to unique jewellery pieces, our custom design service is the best way to bring your idea to life. Our master craftsman creates a concept and works directly with you to create something magical.

This allows you to choose a loose pink diamond you adore and incorporate it into a design that’ll become a new love.

Enquire About Custom Design

Trust Jeweller Boutique For Over 30 Years

As a small family-owned jeweller since 1984, Argyle Jewellers truly values creating a special experience for every one of our customers.

You can contact us via phone on 07 3156 5980 or email info@argylejewellers.com.au to learn more. For interstate buyers, send us an email and we can help guide you through our stock and discuss design, process and price.

You can also book an appointment or visit us in-store — we have boutiques at Westfield Garden City and Westfield Carindale. Our friendly team would be happy to help.