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Ruby Engagement Rings

If you’re searching for a show-stopping engagement ring, a ruby piece could be ideal for you. Ruby is a stunning and highly sought-after gemstone that has maintained popularity since medieval times as the gem of choice by much European royalty.

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones, alongside emerald, sapphire, and diamond. It is the birthstone for July, as well as a traditional gift to celebrate 15th or 40th anniversaries. The gorgeous red hues of ruby are often associated with wealth and prosperity and are an eye-catching accessory to both modern and traditional wedding bands.

A timeless and romantic choice, ruby represents passion and love, making it the perfect addition to your engagement ring.

At Argyle Jewellers, we have a generous selection of beautiful ruby engagement rings to choose from. We also offer our bespoke service for those who have something special in mind. Whether you’re wanting a princess cut, cushion cut or anything in between, we can work with you to design a beautiful gemstone engagement ring.

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Why Choose A Ruby?

Rubies are a timeless classic in the gemstone family. While traditionally gifted for anniversaries, ruby has emerged as a popular choice in recent years for engagement rings. In fact, many couples are now opting for a larger ruby stone set amongst a diamond halo, to incorporate both stunning gemstones.

While high-quality rubies can be expensive, many are considerably less costly than similar-sized diamonds. They are rated 9 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, second only to the diamond; this makes ruby a highly durable option and an attractive alternative to diamond.

Like other gemstones, they will have some level of natural inclusion that is tested by “eye-cleanliness”, which means assessing the inclusions with the naked eye.

Whether you’re chasing an orange, purple or pink hue to complement the deep red shade of ruby, Argyle Jewellers has something for you.

ruby engagement jewellery

Your Ring. Your Way.

If you’ve got a special design in mind, Argyle Jewellers can bring it to life. Our in-house custom design service is tailored to each couple and provides the full range of bespoke services. From design collaboration to the finished product, we are with you every step of the way.

Our team of jewellery designers are experts at creating a piece that complements the romance of your relationship. You might take inspiration online, or choose to browse our bespoke collection for ideas. Whichever option you choose, Argyle Jewellers uses only the finest materials and craftsmanship to create your dream engagement piece.

Argyle Jewellers has been creating unique and stunning bespoke pieces for over 30 years. For us, the crafting of an engagement piece represents more than just the process – it’s a symbol of love and commitment between two people. An Argyle Jewellers’ engagement ring is a timeless and stunning reminder of your love and one which will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

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Trusted Jewellery Boutique For Over 30 Years

As a family owned jeweller since 1987, Argyle Jewellers offers exceptional service, craftsmanship, and materials.

The process of creating an engagement ring is a special time for couples. At Argyle Jewellers, we value the intimacy of working with you to craft your perfect piece of jewellery. Our ruby rings are crafted with love and care, and our team ensures a high level of attention to detail throughout the process. Our high-quality rubies are set in gold or silver, and we offer a wide variety of cuts and shapes to suit every customer.

Our team is always happy to talk you through your options when it comes to engagement jewellery. You are welcome to contact us via phone on 07 3156 5980 or email at sales@argylejewellers.com.au.

Our in-store boutiques are located at Westfield Garden City and Westfield Carindale. Visit us today and our friendly team can assist you with finding the ruby engagement ring of your dreams!