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Tungsten Wedding Bands

Wedding bands for men have traditionally been rather plain, often being crafted from gold, platinum, titanium and palladium. However, the tungsten wedding band is pulling ahead as a very popular and affordable choice for men’s wedding bands, being completed with a range of finishes that really bring personality to the piece.

At Argyle Jewellers, we stock a range of tungsten wedding rings for the distinguished gentleman.

What Is Tungsten?

Unlike precious metals such as gold and palladium, most people are not as familiar with tungsten. Tungsten (also known as wolfram) is a rare, naturally occuring metal and was first identified as a new element in 1781, followed by being isolated as a metal in 1783. As such, tungsten has a long history in jewellery making thanks to it being highly resistant to scratches. This makes it an ideal choice as a wedding ring, since it can be worn by active individuals who work with their hands without fear of damaging the ring easily.

Additionally, tungsten never tarnishes – it’s a very low-maintenance metal, which is why you should consider a tungsten wedding band if you’re the sort of person who finds themselves bumping their jewellery frequently.

A Tungsten Wedding Band To Suit Your Style

Tungsten wedding bands can be found in a wide variety of styles, from wooden inlays to carbon fibre inlays and even IP plated finishes for a pop of colour. They may also be paired with other precious metals such as rose gold. This makes tungsten wedding rings very unique, allowing you to express your style without sacrificing your budget.

It’s important to note that your tungsten wedding band cannot be resized. Always be sure that you are professionally fitted for a wedding ring to ensure that you have a piece you can enjoy for years to come.

Purchase Your Tungsten Wedding Band Online With Argyle Jewellers

We have a wide variety of men’s wedding bands, including tungsten bands, available online and in-store. Our exciting range of tungsten wedding bands and dress rings shine with innovative designs and contemporary metals. Tungsten is a more affordable option to gold, yet it has the luxury feel of platinum, making it a very popular choice for grooms. Your tungsten wedding band will stand the test of time and continue to look brilliant long after your wedding day.


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