Unique Bridal Ring Set 2020 Design Trends

A ‘bridal set’ is an engagement ring and a wedding ring that are designed together to create the perfect fit. Creating a completely unique bridal ring set takes the guesswork out of finding rings that fit together seamlessly and allows you to experiment with unique stylistic choices and trends. If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve compiled some of our client’s favourite design trends for this year, including colour, unique cuts and of course, a stunning amount of sparkle.

Unique Diamond Shapes

unique bridal ring set

Surging in popularity recently are uniquely shaped diamonds. Straying away from the recent favourite, pear-shaped diamonds, a variety of new diamond shapes and cuts are trending for bridal ring sets. We’ve seen a rise in preference for hexagonal shapes, triangle cut and oval-shaped diamonds.

If you’ve fallen in love with a uniquely shaped diamond, gemstone or engagement ring design, chances are, it may not suit a standard straight wedding band. A pear-shaped, marquise or oval-shaped diamond are great examples of diamonds that extend along the length of the finger. Because of this, these designs typically require a custom-designed wedding ring so that both of your rings sit perfectly flush together.


Coloured Gemstones

unique bridal ring set

Gemstones scream unconventional, but can truly represent the wearer in a number of ways. With symbolic meanings behind each gemstone and the true beauty of a pop of colour, it’s no wonder that non-diamond stones are making a comeback. This year we’ve seen a range of blues, purples, pinks and green hues come to life in a range of custom-designed engagement rings and wedding bands.



unique bridal ring set

Featured: Sapphire Diamond Ring

The sapphire has become a favourite choice to feature amongst a unique bridal ring set, and rightfully so, as it adds just the right amount of “something blue” to your wedding day. Sapphire is loved for its romantic aura and its symbolic legends of truth, sincerity and loyalty.


Black Diamonds

unique bridal ring set

Featured: Black Diamond Engagement Ring

As well as sapphire, we’ve seen increasing interest for black diamonds as the centre stone for an engagement ring and also as featured stones on a wedding band. Black diamonds offer legends of transcendence, charisma and most importantly, eternal, flawless and unchanging love – the true essence of marriage.


unique bridal ring set

Featured: Emerald and Diamond Ring

The stunning green colour of emerald is thought to embody reflection, renewal, eternity, peace and balance. This combination is highly reflective of a relationship, and therefore the fantastic choice for an engagement ring. Paired with a unique emerald wedding ring, this unique bridal ring set is a true statement of love and new beginnings.


Statement Bands

unique bridal ring set

Featured: Australian Pink Diamond Wedding Band 

For a bride who wishes to showoff a classic diamond engagement ring, they’ll often seek a wedding band that’s slightly out of the ordinary. Statement wedding bands are typically larger and sparklier than traditional wedding bands and they allow the bride to make a non-traditional statement with a ring that feels more special to her.


Multiple Stones

unique bridal ring set

Featured: Ruby and Diamond Ring 

A two stone pairing, also referred to as Toi et Moi rings (French for you and me), has seen a rise in adoration recently. Featuring two diamonds or gem sitting side by side or close together represents two souls becoming one, a romantic symbolisation of true love.

The triple stone ring (trilogy ring) is also becoming a trendy choice for its loving representation of friendship, love and fidelity. Mismatched stones and unique shapes present fantastic opportunities for customisation which lets the bride’s personality really shine through.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

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Vintage-inspired rings, a long-standing trend, are created to reflect design elements of a previous era.  This stylistic choice allows you to capitalise on the classic, timeless elegance of your favourite design eras and show off your unique style. Due to having unlimited design flexibility, the demand for vintage style rings has continued to increase, especially this year. Adored by royalty, antique diamonds with an art deco flair is a fantastic choice for a unique bridal ring set.


Creating Your Own Unique Bridal Ring Set

unique bridal ring set

While we’ve highlighted some trending designs for this year, your bridal ring set should be completely unique to you. You can search for inspiration online, in magazines or even chat to an experienced jeweller to hear out their suggestions. The ring you choose to create will be worn for a lifetime, so make sure that you’re in love with it as much as you are with your spouse!

Bridal sets come with an extraordinary number of benefits, mainly that the final product works together so perfectly, it can be mistaken for one ring. If you’re wearing it all the time, you also have the additional option to solder the rings together without impeding the set’s appearance.

Additionally, when you design or purchase a bridal wedding ring set, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time and money as compared to making two separate purchases. Because of this, if you know the exact style you’re looking for, it makes a lot of sense to design the entire set at once. While there are no rules to the process, and you may choose to create the wedding band later, you’ll be thankful that as your wedding to-do list piles up, all you need to do is order the remaining wedding ring!


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