Get Creative With These Unique Custom Engagement Ring Ideas

Over time, tradition tells us that engagement rings should be either a four claw or six claw diamond solitaire ring. However, we believe that modern times deserve modern engagement ring designs. At Argyle Jewellers, we encourage modern-day couples to stray away from what’s considered ‘traditional’ and choose to venture the non-traditional route of getting a unique custom engagement ring designed. Co-designing a ring with your significant other allows for considerable admiration and increased sentimental value of the final product. The best part about pursuing the creation of a unique custom engagement ring is the total flexibility you have with the design; there are no rules.


Choose from a variety of handpicked gemstones to create a unique custom engagement ring that screams individuality and uniqueness. Any stone can be featured in a piece of jewellery, yet we’ve selected and explained some of our favourite alternatives to diamond.


Sapphire is loved for its durability, practicality and romantic aura. Sapphire is also symbolic of truth, sincerity and loyalty. The colour of a traditional sapphire ranges from velvety blue to violetish blue and can be found in medium to medium-dark tones. However, a sapphire can come in a variety of unique colours and this sapphire which is not blue is known as a fancy sapphire (see below). Browse our unique selection of sapphire rings for inspiration for your unique custom engagement ring.

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unique custom engagement ring

We love our Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ring (left) as an engagement ring due to the rich tonality of the centre sapphire and the accented diamond double halo and shoulder set. The 14ct white gold also effectively illuminates the Sapphire as the focal point of this design. Incorporating sapphire into your design can be more subtle such as using it as accenting side stones or shoulder stones.


Emerald is a rare gemstone which is believed to promise good luck and enhance well-being. Emerald engagement rings are also considered to promote good healing and fertility. This eye-catching gemstone is quite durable and scratch-resistant, making it a suitable choice for everyday wear. Browse our unique selection of emerald jewellery for inspiration when considering a unique custom engagement ring.


We love the soft edges featured on our Emerald & Diamond Ring (left) as it draws the eye directly to the lustrous green colour of the emerald. Valuable emeralds are typically set in yellow gold to bring out the purest green colour of the dark stone. The contrast between diamond shoulders and the 18ct yellow gold on the above design complements the emerald.

Our Australian Pink Diamond & Emerald Ring example of a unique custom engagement ring that is both creative and striking. The pink diamond accents the emerald gemstone to draw out the colour and maintain it as the focal point. We love the white gold and addition of shoulder diamonds for that extra lustre.

Chocolate Diamonds

Australian Chocolate Diamonds are warm-toned, rich and vibrant in colour. Chocolate diamonds range from light brown to deep to dark brown in colour, and some have hints of orange, yellow or pink. Whether your style is understated, bold, elegant or quirky, a chocolate diamond has a lustrous appeal when set in an engagement ring. Rose Gold is the metal of choice that fantastically suits and complements the brown colour of a chocolate diamond.

unique custom engagement ring unique custom engagement ring
Chocolate Diamond Carousel RingChocolate Diamond Grand Jette Ring


Ruby is an excellent choice to consider when putting together a unique custom engagement ring. It is a beautiful deep red stone that is highly valued amongst many cultures. Ruby jewellery is quite durable and looks most stunning when set in white gold or yellow gold, as it accentuates the ruby’s magnificent red colour. Browse our unique array of ruby jewellery.

unique custom engagement ring ruby

We love our Australian Pink Diamond & Ruby Ring as the contrast between the colour of the ruby and pink diamonds highlights individual features of the stones that are unique. The white gold allows for the luxurious ruby red to maintain its excellence as the centre gemstone. For a simpler yet elegant design, we love how the rose gold secures the stone in our Ruby and Diamond Ring.

Metal Colour

When selecting which metal colour you would like to feature in your unique custom engagement ring, it’s important to consider which gemstone will be used, the skin tone of the person wearing the jewellery as well as personal preference. It’s important to consult a jewellery designer as they might be able to highlight aspects of each metal you hadn’t before considered. The selection is vast with options including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.


unique custom engagement ring

Personalisation on the inside of the ring’s shank can add a romantic element to the ring. Of course, what you decide to have engraved is personal to each couple and is likely to differ. We suggest considering meaningful dates that symbolise a significant anniversary, or the initials of your significant other. As it’s on the underside of the metal, it’s a private sentiment, unknown to others.

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