Are You Wondering What Jewellery to Wear on Your Wedding Day? Here Are Some Tips!

So. You’ve found your wedding dress, and now it’s time to choose your accessories. Your bridal jewellery can add a touch of style and personality and glamour to your wedding outfit, and is sure to make you feel like a billion dollars.

When it comes to wedding jewellery, less is more. Your goal is to pick one or two key pieces of jewellery that will complement your dress, like a pair of beautiful statement earrings and a bracelet, or perhaps a statement necklace and some elegant stud earrings. It all comes down to the dress you have chosen, your personal style and how you want to look on the day.


Here are some tips that will help you narrow your jewellery options down:


Choose Something that Complements Your Neckline

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking your jewellery? Start at the neckline of your dress!

Low Scoop Necklines, Strapless and V Necks = Necklace

These are the best necklines to pair with a necklace. If your dress has a low scoop, the best type of necklace will be a ‘bib’ or statement piece. With a strapless dress, you have your entire neck exposed, so a statement necklace or a metal/pearl choker will look beautiful. Finally, if you have a V neck dress, a classic gemstone pendant will look elegant. You can choose from diamonds, gemstones and pearls, depending on how much of a statement you want to make!

Illusion Necklines, High Necklines, Off-Shoulder, Sweetheart, Queen Anne Neckline and Bateau = Earrings & Bracelet

These necklines often feature embroidery and/or lace, which means that can look busy when also paired with a necklace. Instead, consider pairing these necklines with earrings and bracelet. All of these styles will look beautiful with some simple but elegant stud earrings (these can be diamonds, gemstones or pearls). When it comes to earrings, you need to bear in mind the hairstyle that you are planning to have on the day, because this may impact your earring choice!

Halter, High Necklines and Sleeveless Dresses = Earrings & Bracelet

Like the dresses mentioned above, these dresses will look beautiful with some simple earrings and a bracelet. A sleek bangle will add some stunning bling and sophistication to your ensemble, without distracting from your dress. Don’t forget that it’s best to wear the bracelet on your right hand so that it doesn’t pull the attention away from your ring!



Choose Something Comfortable

Your wedding day is going to be exciting, busy and tiring – so make sure that you feel comfortable on the day! We highly recommend that you try on your wedding outfit with your jewellery before making any decisions. This will allow you to make the right choices when it comes to the style and comfort of your bridal jewellery.


Choose Metal That Suits Your Dress


If your dress is optic white and has no colour hues, bright metals like white gold with rhodium or platinum will look beautiful.


Ivory looks beautiful with yellow gold, because it brings out the creamy tones in the ivory.


Champagne dresses have a gentle yellow/golden hue that looks very stylish when matched with yellow gold jewellery. Vintage jewellery also looks beautiful with champagne dresses.


These dresses have subtle or grey tones, which means that look great with silver (as it shares their blue/grey hue).


Blush dresses (those with hues of pink) look great with rose gold, which is very feminine and complementary for all skin tones.




Your overall goal, when it comes to bridal jewellery, is to choose pieces that will be in harmony with your wedding dress. Make sure that your jewellery matches your neckline, don’t be afraid to show your personality and, when in doubt, less is more!


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