Custom Wedding Band Design Tips: For Him and Her

Now, more than ever, we’re seeing an increase in people wanting their wedding band to be unique and match with their personality. After all, it’ll be worn for a lifetime, so the more the design shies away from a simple band and into one of self-expression, the more the wearer will love it. And since you’re wearing it every single day, you have to really adore it. The process of designing a custom wedding band can seem daunting, but it really shouldn’t be. If you know where you’re heading and what you’d like the final design to look like, all you need is an experienced jeweller to bring your design to life.

Custom Wedding Band Considerations

There are so many options for which style, shape and metal you can use in your design! We’ll run you through the different design elements, so you can start putting together your wedding band inspiration.

Metal Choice

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Your custom design wedding band (or engagement ring) can be made with a variety of metals, each having their own set of unique benefits.

  • Yellow Gold – Yellow gold is the classic choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands. It doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode. The deepness of the gold depends on the carat (the percentage of gold), and the appearance of yellow gold can actually improve over time.
  • Rose Gold – Rose gold is yellow gold mixed with pink-toned metals, such as copper. The high content of copper creates a metal that is more durable than yellow gold.
  • White Gold – White gold is a combination of gold and other white metals, plated in rhodium. Gold is quite malleable, so it can be worked into intricate designs. White gold requires regular rhodium plating to maintain its shine.
  • Platinum – Platinum is a naturally bright white metal that is extremely strong, and also hypo-allergenic. It retains its white shine with daily wear and as a result, requires less repolishing.
  • Palladium – Palladium is a naturally bright white metal which offers similar benefits to platinum however, it’s a bit more affordable.
  • Titanium – Titanium has a dark white shine. It is lightweight, strong, and resistant to scratching. It’s also slightly more affordable than gold or platinum.

Tips for Choosing the Right Metal

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It can be a hard decision to make, but it’s important to consider your individual lifestyle. If you live a busy life and believe that getting your wedding ring rhodium plated every twelve months may be too hard, it may be best to avoid white gold.

If you have quite a hands-on occupation such as nursing, trades or cooking, you may choose to opt for gold over platinum due to gold’s ability to better ensure scratching.

It’s also important to consider the other metals you wear on a daily basis. While there’s nothing wrong with mixing metals, it may be worth opting for the same appearance in the long run. If you never wear rose gold, a rose gold ring may seem miss-matched amongst yellow gold accessories.

Wedding Band Profiles

A wedding ring profile refers to the interior and exterior shape of the band. Ring profiles are important to choose carefully as they can determine how comfortable the ring will feel on your finger. These are the four main ring profiles, if you want something a little more unique, ask your jeweller to show you examples of a high dome, low dome, bevelled edge, concave, knife edge and parrot nose profile.

Classic Court

Image sourced from Orla James

The semi-rounded edges of the classic court ring profile create a ring that is extremely comfortable to wear. This style is considered the traditional choice and is the most common in wedding bands for both males and females.


Image sourced from Orla James

The D-Shaped profile looks similar in appearance to the court shape however the interior of the ring sits flush against the finger. The main benefit of a close-fitting flat profile is that it’s safer for active wearers.


Image sourced from Orla James

The flat profile wedding band is flat on both its interior and exterior. This profile can be more comfortable for some however, it isn’t overly practical for active wearers due to its ability to catch on clothing and machinery. A flat profile with chunky depth and a wide band can appear very modern and is most popular amongst men.

Flat Court

Image sourced from Orla James

The flat court wedding ring profile combines comfort with the modern exterior of the flat profile. The streamlined interior design ensures comfort, and the design isn’t as thick as the classic flat so it’s less prone to catching.

Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Wedding Band Profile

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Try it on! Considering how often you’ll be wearing your wedding ring, it’s so important that it fits comfortably on your finger and suits your lifestyle. During your custom design appointment, ask to see examples of all the styles you’re interested in and try them on. This will help with your decision.

And for the ladies, we strongly recommend that you choose a wedding band profile that matches the profile of your engagement ring. This will give a matched appearance that blends well. If your engagement ring doesn’t sit flush next to a wedding ring, a custom-designed ring can be created so that it sits smoothly against your ring setting. This allows for both visual and structural benefits, the structural benefit being that the metals will not rub at each other and wear down over time.

Diamonds and Engraving


It’s important to consider whether you want further design elements as well, as they can further improve the personalisation of your custom-made wedding ring. If you’re thinking about diamonds, read our blog, Create Your Engagement Ring Online to learn about diamond carat, colour, clarity and cut grades. We also delve into popular precious gemstones and engaging for custom ring designs in our blog, Creating a Unique Custom Engagement Ring.

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