Your Guide To Yellow Diamond Rings

Your Guide To Yellow Diamond Rings

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, there are many options to choose from. White diamonds will always have a special place in our hearts, yellow diamonds are truly special indeed. Yellow diamonds are an incredible choice for weddings and other special occasions, offering understated elegance with a unique twist.

With the Argyle Pink Diamond mine now officially closed, jewellery connoisseurs are turning their attention towards another high quality and rare colour diamond — Ellendale Yellow Diamonds. This Australian source of exclusive gemstones is located in Western Australia’s Kimberley region and is perfect for those seeking a natural and native stone for their engagement.


What Is a Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds are rare coloured gemstones that share all the same qualities as colourless diamonds but have developed a pure and natural colour during their formation. Unlike many other gemstones, they were rarely seen until their discovery in South Africa in the late 1860s.

Yellow diamonds are less common than the colourless to light yellow diamonds, and fancy yellow coloured diamonds fall outside of the traditions associated with the D-to-Z colour-grading scale. However, they are far more common than blue, pink Diamond and red diamonds making them a more affordable choice for those seeking a rare coloured diamond.

The GIA classifies yellow diamonds into six hues: Fancy Light, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. These grades indicate how intense the yellow colour is. The deeper the yellow, the more valuable the stone.


Timeless Style That’s Truly Rare

Yellow diamond rings are an exclusive choice that will stand out — if you want something truly unique, it’s an excellent choice. Diamonds also have more brilliance than gemstones, so the sparkle will show off. They also look stunning in a variety of metal settings such as yellow, white or rose gold, or even platinum and stone shapes.

The most important part is finding a yellow diamond with nice intense colour and high quality, but these are exceedingly rare. You must purchase it from a trusted source and make sure it has authenticity and grading certificates.

Ellendale Yellow Diamond Ring with Pear Cut


Ellendale Yellow
Diamond Ring with Pear Cut

Intriguing meets classic with this 18K white/yellow gold ring, bezel set with a 0.80 carat fancy intense yellow pear-shaped diamond from the Ellendale mine and 0.17-carat white F VS round diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine.

Ellendale Yellow Diamond Ring with Oval Cut


Ellendale Yellow
Diamond Ring with Oval Cut

A stunning Ring in 18ct White & Yellow Gold set with 1 x Oval Cut 0.70ct Fancy Yellow Diamond from the Ellendale Diamond Mine and 0.22ct RBC F/VS Diamonds.

Ellendale Yellow Diamond Ring with Cushion Cut


Ellendale Yellow
Diamond Ring with Cushion Cut

18ct White Gold Engagement Ring featuring a hand selected 1.00ct Yellow Diamond. 20 = 0.16ct G/SI Accent Diamonds. Total Diamond Weight = 1.16ct. This ring can be created in Platinum, White, Yellow or Rose Gold. We will work with you on selection of Diamond or natural coloured Gemstone.

What To Look For in a Yellow Diamond Ring

When it comes to choosing your yellow diamond rings, we have a few tips to keep in mind.

While a radiant cut is most popular for colourless diamonds, it’s not the same case for yellow diamonds. When it comes to yellow diamonds, opt for a radiant cut or cushion cut as this will balance the vibrant yellow colour with the highest possible brilliance.

Another note is the diamonds will look different depending on the colour of the metal setting. Yellow gold will intensify the diamond’s yellow, and is the most popular choice. White gold or platinum settings will give the diamond a lighter hue but provide a lovely contrast between the setting and the diamond giving it more pop.

Diamonds are the hardest natural stone in the world, making them extremely durable and everlasting. Yellow diamonds are equally as strong and resistant to damage and inclusions in their pavé and can offer a lifetime of beauty.

What about the cost? Like all precious stones, the 4 C’s — cut, clarity, colour and carat — all play a factor in the price. However, with coloured diamonds, the colour intensity and secondary hue are especially important. Lighter yellows are hand-selected and more common so the price can be lower but fancy intense yellow or fancy vivid yellow are extremely rare and the price will reflect that.


How to Care for a Yellow Diamond Ring

Caring for a yellow diamond is simple, just use a drop of soapy liquid and carefully scrub the diamond using a toothbrush or another gentle tool made for jewellery cleaning. Use warm water to wash off the soap and then dry with a clean towel. An annual service from a trusted jeweller can renew the rhodium plating and polish the sparkle better than new.


Discover Ellendale’s Yellow Diamond Ring Collection

Ellendale Diamond’s are truly a sight to behold. Formed over a billion years in Australia’s stunning Kimberley region, these rare gemstones are on par with the quality of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Masters of contemporary jewellery design, Ellendale showcases a collection of heart-achingly gorgeous engagement rings and wedding rings. Blending yellow and colourless diamonds seamlessly with 18k white and yellow gold, each piece is unparalleled in quality and beauty, as well as extremely limited in supply. If you have an idea in mind already, our master craftsman can help create a Custom Design for your ring.

Argyle Jewellers is proud to be one of the only stockists of Ellendale Diamonds Australia. Each piece is manufactured to the highest quality and ethical standards, so you can be assured that you are wearing a unique and virtuous piece of Australian Jewellery.


Boutique Service From A Trusted Dealer

As a family-owned jeweller since 1987, Argyle Jewellers truly values creating a special experience for every one of our customers. Argyle houses a collection of the world’s finest and rarest loose and set yellow diamonds that only become more treasured with time.

You can view a selection of our range online or visit our stores at Garden City Shopping Centre and Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre. We are passionate about what we do and take immense pride in all of our work. Book An Appointment today.