Perfect Jewellery Wedding Gifts For The Entire Wedding Entourage

A wedding is a truly exciting occasion, one that brings together friends and family for a once in a lifetime event. As with any special occasion, choosing the perfect gift is no easy feat. You want to gift the ones you love with something special to ensure they’ll treasure it for a lifetime. Jewellery wedding gifts are a sentimental and sophisticated choice because they can be worn again and again and even on the wedding day itself.

Jewellery is a special gift which can be enjoyed by many, including the bride and groom, bridesmaid and groomsmen and even the parents of the bride and groom. A timeless piece of jewellery can be enjoyed forever and even passed through generations. And the best part is that if it were to ever go out of style, it can be completed remodelled into a new design!

Argyle Jewellers has a range of beautiful, high-quality jewellery to gift to the entire wedding entourage. View our recommended jewellery wedding gifts that are sure to charm your loved ones.


Jewellery Wedding Gifts For Ladies

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A Tennis Bracelet For The Bride

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A true classic and an incredible gift. Diamond tennis bracelets look just as stunning worn with jeans and a blouse as they do with a wedding dress, so this is a gift that will last for long after the wedding!

A tennis bracelet is a single strand of symmetrical diamond settings. Featuring the same carat, colour, cut and clarity diamonds, the diamonds are linked together and secured by prongs. This complete circle creates a flexible bracelet is comfortable for everyday wear.

Often, tennis bracelets can be made of precious gemstones, crystals, or cubic zirconias for an equally as stunning, budget-friendly wedding day gift. Argyle Jewellers can custom design the perfect tennis bracelet to suit the bride’s individual sense of style.

Pendant or Ring for The Bridesmaids

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The bridesmaids are there to support the bride, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shine too! Jewellery is the perfect accompaniment for her carefully selected bridesmaid dress.

With so many choices available, from pendants to rings, from silver to gold, bridesmaid jewellery gifts are a gesture of your true appreciation. An elegant pendant is a personal gift that is worn close to the heart, a genuine reminder of the special bond you share. We especially love this topaz & diamond pendant!

Personalising jewellery for a gift really demonstrates the thoughtfulness and care taken when selecting it. A simple silver or gold stacker ring engraved with your bridesmaids’ initials and date of the wedding is a perfect sentimental token to wear at the wedding and every day afterwards. They’re guaranteed to love it!

Earrings For The Mother in Law

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Show the mother of the bride or groom some love and appreciation for all the hard work she’s poured into the wedding!

We all know mums can be a little picky, so when buying a gift for the mother of the bride or groom, it’s best to keep things simple! A classic and stunning pair of south sea pearl earrings are sure to charm even the pickiest of mums. The natural colour and lustrous shine of South Sea Pearls make the perfect subtle addition to any outfit.

For a personalised gift, consider gifting a beautiful pair of earrings which feature her unique birthstone. Whether it’s an amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, sapphire, or another precious gem birthstone, you can browse gift ideas, specifically chosen for mum, in our previous blog, Mothers Day Earrings Mum Will Love.


Jewellery Wedding Gifts For Men

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A Watch For The Groom

The groom will be delighted to complement his sleek look with a classic yet masculine wristwatch. An elegant watch adds instant style to his already immaculate wedding ensemble. As well as crafting a stylish appearance for his big day, he’ll remember you and his wedding day whenever he checks his wrist for the time! We have a fantastic range of watches in-store available for the modern groom.

Cufflinks for The Groomsmen

A pair of cufflinks can add instant style kudos to a groomsman’s pristine outfit.  Whether its to add a touch of personality or add some style to a uniform looking suit, a pair of personalised wedding cufflinks will make the ceremony even more memorable.

Engraving initials onto the cufflinks can further personalise the gift and make it really special. We have a wide range of classy cufflinks in-store for all your main men!

Personalised Keychain or Tie Pins for The Father In Law

A unique tie pin or a personalised message on a keychain can go a long way when gifting the father of the bride/groom. While it may not seem like much, it really is the thought that counts. Whether its an engraving on a stylish leather keychain or a corrosion-resistant steel keyring, the message is sure to make his day. The more personal the better, so why not include it alongside a framed photo of the newlyweds.


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